I am a photographer with a passion for Trees and Woodlands!
Trees provide us with food, shelter, shade and fuel and are vital to our survival on earth in the face of man-made climate change. But, just as important to me as a photographer, trees also possess a natural beauty of form. This is not only true for a single tree but also for woodlands and tree-filled landscapes as well as for the individual elements that make up a tree – its fruit, seeds, buds, flowers, leaves and bark.
I believe that contemplating a tree, a woodland or a treescape induces tranquility in the observer and in my photographic works I try to capture some of this beauty and sense of peace.
Working from high resolution digital photographic images and using the highest-quality papers and inks I produce limited edition mixed media artworks and fine art prints to the highest archival standards that will last a lifetime.
My aim is to create artworks and prints that will evoke the same feeling in the observer that I experienced in the “wild”.
My father was a forester and a photographer and taught me how to use a camera, develop film and make prints in an old-style darkroom with an enlarger and trays of chemicals.
My first camera was a Kodak Brownie and over the years I have used Praktica and Pentax film cameras usually developing my own films and making my own prints. More recently I have been using Nikon digital cameras and I would not change back!
I now work in my own studio in Malvern using Adobe Lightroom to catalogue my images and Photoshop to apply “dodge and burn” and colour balance digitally - much easier than in the darkroom!
All prints are made using the highest quality archival materials.
I have been exhibiting my work and selling limited edition prints and artworks for the past 15 years.

Solo exhibition at Westonbirt National Arboretum 

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